Best Books On Evolution

8 Best Books On Evolution (2023 Updated)

We know you’re having a hard time narrowing your list down to the best books on evolution.

So, if you find human evolution or, specifically, the theories of evolution enjoyable and exciting to read, here are the best books on evolution that we recommend to evolutionary science fanatics like you!

By Richard Dawkins: The Blind Watchmaker
By Charles Darwin - The Annotated Origin
By Stephen Jay Gould: The Mismeasure Of Man

1. By Richard Dawkins: The Blind Watchmaker

The works of Michael Ruse are also excellent books in terms of tackling human development, but I would recommend The Blind Watchmaker instead, written by Richard Dawkins.

We like how Dawkins details human nature and creationism through the metaphor of the skilled watchmaker. We also like how it argues that natural selection and sexual selection are unconscious processes.

Dawkins shows how simple humans and other organisms can evolve into complex and beautiful life forms over time. 


2. By Charles Darwin - The Annotated Origin

The book On the Origin of Species is regarded as the most important scientific work in history. 

We love how James T. Costa introduces the book through a series of lines that span its entirety. 

It’s full of insights and a thorough explanation of what Darwin wants to convey.

If you want a detailed description of our development, you need to check this book out!

3. By Stephen Jay Gould: The Mismeasure Of Man

The Mismeasure of Man explores the history of scientific manipulation used to promote racism.

He claims that racism is a deeply rooted issue in modern society, and he goes through the data to prove it. 

The book is very well written, and it’s full of interesting ideas.

There’s also a lot of discussion about mathematics, but it’s also full of great prose.

4. Charles Darwin: Voyaging By Janet Browne

As the title suggests, only one book, the Voyaging by Janet Browne, conveys a genuinely vivid and extensive picture of Charles Darwin as a man and scientist.

This is by far the best scientific biography we’ve read. Her style of writing is almost novelistic and not fiction.

This book is something that human beings must read through to better deal with agonizing personal challenges and exhilarating discoveries in the future. 

5. Evolution: What The Fossils Say and Why It Matters

This seminal book is an entertaining and thorough history of the various transitional forms and series found in the fossil record.

Besides, it discusses a wide range of topics, so it gains a wider audience.

If you’re looking for something that features an extensive analysis of the various transitional forms and series, and the transition from early homo sapiens to modern humans, this is our most recommended one.

We like the way this book explores the various links in the fossil record that are still unexplained.

6. The Incredible Unlikeliness Of Being written by Alice Roberts

Alice Roberts takes readers on an incredible journey in this book, showing us how far we have come since our single cell.

It covers the story of human development, which is a complex tale that explores the connections between our distant ancestors and the events that shaped our world.

This book is very impressive in our point of view as it details a story of discovery, which explores how and why we have developed as we are now.

7. Darwin Comes To Town By Menno Schilthuizen

Through this book, we can explore the remarkable stories of how cities have evolved to accommodate humankind and wildlife in a unique way.

It shows that natural selection can happen more rapidly than Darwin thought.

This book also provides hope that our race toward population control may not destroy the rest of human nature.

If you’re looking for a great scientific storyteller, this book is for you. It will allow you to learn a lot about the subject.

8. Why Evolution is True By Jerry Coyne

Jerry Coyne’s book with the title, Why Evolution Is True, combines the multiple threads of modern scientific work related to Darwin’s theory of natural selection in a compelling explanation.

We like how this book focuses on giving new insights and proof, not just stating facts about the progress of humanity, animals, and other life forms on Earth.

Definitely a must-read for everyone!


The most reliable evidence for human evolution is found at all levels of organization in living things and in the extinct species we know about through fossils. Fossils provide proof of the evolutionary change through now-extinct forms that led to modern species. [1]

The father of evolution is none other than Charles Darwin. The Theory Of Evolution was his radical idea, and 150 years after he published the book On The Origin Of Species, there came various arguments about how human beings and other living things evolve. [2]

Finding The Best Books On Evolution

Over the course of life, there’s no definite explanation if the theory of evolution is true or not. No one knows everything about human development, so we read books written by a scientist like Charles Darwin or a philosopher or professor like Michael Ruse.

If you’re into the history of humans and the evolutionary process of lives in our natural world, these books are your must-haves. These informative books can help you answer the question, “where do we really come from?”

Our #1 Recommendation
By Richard Dawkins: The Blind Watchmaker

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

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