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What’s the Best Digital USB Microscope? Reviews & Buying Guide

Microscopy is fun and educational, and with the right tools, there can be no limit to what someone can learn and discover. In this modern civilization, USB microscopes can be accessible and convenient to use.  

Our team prepared a detailed guide to help you decide when getting the best USB microscope that’s worth your money.

Jiusion Magnification Endoscope
Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope
Wireless Digital Microscope Handheld USB HD Inspection Camera

Top 8 USB Microscopes for 2021

1. Jiusion Magnification Endoscope

Why We Chose It: 

The Jiusion Magnification Endoscope is one of the best USB microscopes that can function as a microscope, camera, and endoscope. The microscope has a sharp focus range of 1-90mm and 40-1000x magnification. As we tried the scope, it can record and capture magnified images provided it is connected to the Chrome OS camera. 

Unique Features: 

  • The digital USB microscope is compatible with Windows XP and above, Mac and Linux.
  • It has built-in adjustable LED lights, a 280 angle adjustable stand, and two adjusting knobs for brightness and focus.
  • It is portable and can capture and record videos.

2. Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope

Why We Chose It: 

The plugable USB 2.0 digital microscope can be a good option for an affordable microscope with excellent image quality. The portable device features a plug-and-play function that allows you to take photos and videos. We didn’t have any trouble setting up the digital USB microscope because it has a flexible arm to use the tool with an adjustable height pole stand, white graduated observation pad.  

Unique Features: 

  • The plugable USB 2.0 digital microscope has a high-definition video resolution of 2.0 megapixels and 250x magnification.
  • It comes with LED halo light, a CMOS sensor to adjust the brightness, and a white graduated observation pad.
  • The electronic microscope is compatible with multiple operating systems with webcam software.

3. Wireless Digital Microscope Handheld USB HD Inspection Camera

Why We Chose It: 

The Wireless Digital Microscope is very easy to carry and use, useful for your nature hikes. The portable microscope is compatible with different operating systems and has an impressive magnification to meet your daily needs. 

The handheld USB microscope is considered one of the portable instruments that can capture and record videos to document your outdoor activities. 

Unique Features: 

  • The wireless digital handheld microscope features 2 million pixels and 1080P HD image quality. 
  • It is easy to carry and can charge for a long time. 
  • The handheld microscope can zoom, capture and record videos and photos.

4. Celestron Digital Microscope

Why We Chose It: 

Celestron has created a solid reputation in the industry that provides high-quality microscopes. The digital microscope offers impressive image quality, adjustable height stand, and hands-free use. For the brightness, the LED lumination is adjustable. 

Unique Features: 

  • The Celestron digital microscope has a true 5MP sensor that can save images in high-resolution settings.
  • It has 20-200x magnification with low power observation. 
  • It comes with a high-quality glass lens to ensure a sharp image.

5. Oxbird 50X-2000X, HD, USB Microscope

Why We Chose It: 

The Oxbird USB microscope has a high-quality pure camera lens that can capture images and videos in high quality even at its maximum magnification. The microscope can be connected to all computers and cellphones to view the captured images. 

Unique Features: 

  • The Oxbird has 2000x digital zoom and is made from 100% pure glass. 
  • It is versatile and can be used for technical and educational purposes.
  • It is equipped with a metal bracket that helps you operate the microscope easily.

6. Koolertron USB Microscope

Why We Chose It: 

The digital USB Microscope from Koolertron is a wireless microscope with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last for hours. The magnification and the 4.3-inch full-color LCD are impressive and can provide high-resolution photos and videos. In addition, it comes with a Micro SD card that allows you to save what the microscope has captured. 

Unique Features: 

  • The Built-in 8 LED illumination allows you to control the level of brightness.
  • The microscope has an impressive magnification of 10x-600x, viewed when connected on a PC or large monitors. 
  • It is battery-operated, portable, and dependable for outdoor activities.

7. PalliPartners LCD Digital Microscope

Why We Chose It: 

The PalliPartners LCD Digital microscope is a plugable USB digital microscope that can magnify images to see its details. With its impressive magnification and image resolution, digital microscopes like PalliPartners can be put to good use, especially on outdoor activities. 

Unique Features: 

  • The USB 2.0 digital microscope features 1080p/720p image resolution with 1-1200 x magnification.
  • The handheld digital microscope pro can be used without brackets and can be tilted up to 270 degrees. 
  • It comes with a focus wheel to allow users to adjust its magnification and focus.

8. Dino-Lite USB Digital Microscope

Why We Chose It: 

The Dino-Lite USB 2.0 digital microscope is ideal for hobbyists, students, and professionals alike. It has a built-in micro capture pro software that allows users to save, annotate, compare, and analyze photos easily. Moreover, the USB digital microscope works well with laptops, Mac OS, tablets, and smartphones. 

Unique Features: 

  • It features 10x-50x, 230x magnification and 0.3MP image resolution.
  • It comes with 4 LEDs that stay on for a longer period. 
  • It includes software that is ideal for saving, comparing, and analyzing specimen images.

Our Runners-Up

1. Aven Digital Handheld Microscope

Why We Chose It: 

The handheld microscope from Aven is equipped with a good quality lens to capture still and high-quality photos and full-motion videos. It comes with an image sensor and USB output to be used for easy connection. 

Unique Features: 

  • The microscope is lightweight and provides 10x-200x magnification.
  •  It is capable of capturing and storing still images and can stream real-time videos on computers. 
  • It has a built-in LED light source with a control wheel to illuminate objects and comes with specimen measurement functions.

2. Elikliv Coin Microscope

Why We Chose It: 

If you are looking for a coin microscope, the USB microscope from Elikliv can be a good option. The microscope is easy and accurate to use, especially if used on soldering. Moreover, the magnification is impressive and can be adjusted quickly. To adjust the illumination, users can easily work on the adjustable built-in LED lights for high efficiency. 

Unique Features: 

  • The Elikliv Coin microscope has a 50x-1000x magnification that allows you to zoom in and see the details of your specimen. 
  • The images on the microscope can be displayed on the 4.3-inch screen to observe the details conveniently.
  • It comes with a 2000mah rechargeable battery that works for a long time. In addition, the device supports power bank charging.

How To Choose the Ideal Microscope

How To Choose the Ideal Microscope

Is It Easy to Use?

The best USB digital microscope must give you ease of usage. The best USB microscopes are digital microscopes connected to a computer or smartphone through a USB port. It has a camera with a macro lens and LED light that must be easy to use.

Some microscopes are easy to use because they have a plug-and-play tool that allows you to take photos and videos. In addition, the digital microscope has a superior shutter speed range and easy focus capability that gives you ease of usage in its control panel. 

Is It Compatible With Your Device?

An ideal microscope should be compatible with your device when you connect it to your computers, laptops, Mac OS, and iOS devices using a USB cable. Compatible devices mostly use USB 2.0. It is a modern USB speed that supports OTG function and a micro cable USB connection common to most computers [1].

A compatible USB microscope allows the user to transfer and save images and videos. In addition, microscopes must be compatible with windows devices, android devices, and measurement software to allow you to view the image on screen instead of looking through an eyepiece. 

What’s the Screen Size?

Unlike other microscopes, USB microscopes do not have an optical viewfinder. An optical viewfinder is a device you look through when taking a photo, and it shows what is in your frame [2]. It has a screen display on top to see the camera feed of the microscope.

Our team highly recommends getting a microscope with at least four inches to eight inches LCD. Some USB microscopes come with screen sizes below four inches, and that is way cheaper. However, it would be harder for the user to see the details in sizes like that. 

How About the Magnification & Zooming Capacity?

The magnification and zooming capacity of a USB microscope camera refers to the degree of visual enlargement of microscopic specimens [3]. Most USB microscopes top out somewhere between 200x-400x magnification, which is different from optical microscopes. 

A 400x magnification allows you to look inside cells and see their internal components. With a USB microscope, a high resolution allows you to look at the outer shells of organic materials. However, be reminded that a higher magnification needs a very stable stand as it is more sensitive and can render unviewable images.

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Is It Durable?

Microscopes are high-quality instruments, and they are expected to last for 20 years if treated with proper care. We highly recommend getting a durable microscope that can withstand external forces like bumping, moving, and dropping. 

In addition, USB microscopes are durable and long-lasting because they use LED lights. LED light has a life expectancy of 24,000 hours longer than a traditional light bulb [4].

With the help of LED lights, the microscope can be safe to use, durable and energy-efficient

Is It Durable?

Is There a Warranty?

Warranty attracts potential buyers because it ensures that digital USB microscopes can be useful up to a certain time. Most users can be hesitant when buying other models like digital USB microscopes because they find them cheap and disposable. However, the company offers longer warranty services to reflect their confidence in their devices. 

With this, we highly recommend getting a USB microscope with a longer warranty service to ensure its quality and durability. 

How’s the Image Quality & Resolution?

One of the things you must consider when choosing a microscope is the image quality and resolution. Since there are different USB microscopes in the market, some microscopes have lower resolution and poor quality. 

Always go for a 12MP USB camera rather than a 2MP USB microscope. It allows you to capture pictures and videos and save them on your Micro SD card without ruining its resolution. 

Are There Special Features?

Some manufacturers offer double-layer mechanical stage, webcam chipset, and wireless capabilities. With the use of a wireless adapter or a wireless chip in the microscope’s body, there is no need to plug the USB or use the OTG function. However, it may require a wifi network to use the USB microscope. 

Other models are powered by Bluetooth, which helps you connect your USB microscope to your android phones and laptops. You will only need to install an application on your phone to use the microscope.


Yes, you can see cells with a USB microscope. Most animal cells are not visible to the naked eye because it measures 0.001 to 0.003 centimeters. Fortunately, a digital USB microscope can be used in capturing, recording, and observing three-dimensional specimens.

USB microscopes are used for examining flat objects. It is an efficient tool used to inspect and analyze specimens from micro-fabricated parts to large electronic devices. It is widely used in industries such as research, medicine, education, and entertainment purposes.

And the #1 USB Microscope is...

Jiusion Magnification Endoscope is our number one USB Microscope. The microscope is ideal for students, engineers, inventors, and ordinary people who must magnify and explore the microscopic world. The device is compatible with multiple operating systems and devices and can easily be connected to record the microworld. 

The Jiusion Magnification Endoscope is the best USB microscope with multi-functioning features such as a microscope, camera, and endoscope. It is affordable and has a sharp focus on high magnification. In addition, it can capture and record specimen images with its quick camera function.

Our #1 Recommendation
Jiusion Magnification Endoscope
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