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We are an online resource designed to spark minds in the interest of science through appealing illustrations, complementary product guides, and interactive learning. From the basic to the more complex scientific principles – we offer a full hands-on experience! We encourage you to check out our expert advice on what laboratory equipment or scientific tool to use when performing experiments or collecting data.

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Our Editorial Policy


Our Main Goal

We initially started this website to provide our work associates with a reliable science resource. Our goal is to make this a central location for the information dissemination of research-based material.


Our Expert Team

Our team is composed of semi-retired and active science faculty from all over the state. Each contribution is based on years of teaching experience, hypothesis-testing, and knowledge acquisition through training and continuing education. Together, we make sure that you get descriptive and factual information.

Our Product Reviews

Our Product Reviews

You’ll find several up-to-date reviews on the tools and equipment we use. We determine which of the products are promising based on initial research and actual testing. The data we gather is then turned into an all-encompassing write-up.


Your Role

As a dedicated life-long learner, we encourage you to think. Our work is aimed to cultivate your curiosity when it comes to science learning. We are always open to collaboration and feedback. Let us know if there’s something we can change or improve.

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