Best Scientific Calculator For Chemistry

What’s the Best Scientific Calculator For Chemistry Subjects?

If Chemistry were easy, then a scientific calculator wouldn’t be of much use. Unfortunately, Chemistry is composed of complex calculations, and a reliable calculator is a key to passing your ACT college entrance exams. 

After 72 hours of research and testing, our team found the best scientific calculator to help any College student ace their Chemistry class!

Texas Instruments TI-30XS
Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro
Casio FX-115ESPLUS

1. Texas Instruments TI-30XS

Why We Chose It: Texas Instruments TI-30XS allows its users to input more than one calculation in a single entry which is very helpful when taking your exams!

Unique Features:

  • It presents math functionality and notations the way textbooks intend, including stacked fractions, square roots, exponents, and other Math expressions.
  • You can view previous calculations and paste them into your current problem.

2. Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro

Why We Chose It: The Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro is just like the TI-30XS. This Chemistry calculator has MathPrint, which can help in viewing equations in a natural textbook display. 

Unique Features:

  • The user can see two equations at once. 
  • Math symbols are abundant, and users can convert fractions to other units.
  • It is very easy to use, even for those in middle school.

3. Casio FX-115ESPLUS

Why We Chose It: This device is helpful for college students taking up Computer Science and Chemistry courses!

Unique Features:

  • All the functions amount to 280, along with 40 metric conversions. 
  • It is rich in features, like the Texas Instruments TI. 
  • It has a multi-replay function that can review and save formulas.

4. HP 35s

Why We Chose It: The HP 35s is appropriate for fields like Surveying Science. This is the only calculator that uses both reverse polish notation and algebraic entry system logic.

Unique Features: 

  • It performs linear regression or one variable statistics easily. 
  • It is a good choice when looking for Chemistry calculators as it allows calculation simultaneously.

5. Helect 2-Line Engineering

Why We Chose It: This tool is dubbed a professional-grade scientific calculator due to the 240 functions it contains!

Unique Features:

  • This calculator for Chemistry is capable of computing two-variable statistics along with other scientific functions. 
  • It has a two-line display that can fit up to 12 digits.

Our Runners-Up

1. Texas Instruments TI-30Xa

Why We Chose It: The Texas Instrument TI-30Xa is unlike its brothers. It packs a one-line display that fits up to 10 characters! However, for advanced science classes like medical professionals, something more powerful is required [1].

Unique Features:

  • This scientific calculator is perfect for Chemistry classes and general Math.
  •  Easy to use for a high school student as it can perform trigonometric functions.

2. Sharp EL-W516XBSL

Why We Chose It: Sharp calculators are good for complex number calculations. They show up to 4 lines and 16 characters.

Unique Features:

  • Has MathPrint technology and can stack fractions, display exponential values, and show linear equations. 
  • This advanced scientific calculator allows users to program buttons and perform complex calculations like exact square roots.

How to Choose The Ideal Calculator

How to Choose The Ideal Calculator

What are the Functions?

Functions are what make a calculator worth it. If a scientific calculator can only compute base arithmetic, then it might not be a good investment. Go for a scientific calculator that has conversion and calculus features, as well as notations the way Chemistry textbooks have. Invest in graphing calculators that have a sequence graphing mode. 

Is It Fast & Accurate?

A fast and accurate calculator is necessary, especially if you’re using it in a timed test. If your device takes time to compute, then this might cost you your AP chemistry or AP physics exam. Calculators for Chemistry must be fast enough for quick computations mid-experimentation.  

Are There Advanced Options?

The scientific calculator you have should depend on how advanced your learning curve is. If you’re only taking up Chemistry in high school, then a basic scientific calculator would suffice. However, if you’re taking up advanced Chemistry or Engineering, a graphing scientific calculator is what you need.

What are the Specifications?

The on-paper specifications are what separates the best scientific calculators from the rest. When looking for calculators, reflect on your needs. If you are dealing with basic subject matters like General Chemistry, go for a calculator that can perform the basic arithmetic functions.

Is It Suitable for Your Class Level?

“If you’re doing high school or college-level math courses, it’s almost a necessity!” -Chris Drew, Ph.D., University Professor

All the subjects in high school and college involving Math or Chem need these devices. Although, the option in selecting the best scientific calculators depends on the user’s specific learning curve.


Yes, scientific calculators can be used in class. Although, you wouldn’t need a high-powered scientific calculator for basic algebra and trigonometry subjects. This tool is more widespread and extensive in advanced science classes in college than in high school.

Yes, you can use a graphing calculator for Chemistry. The spreadsheet feature of a graphing calculator is indeed helpful in the subject [2]. However, this isn’t necessarily a requirement since a scientific calculator is enough to get the job done.

Our Choice For The Top Scientific Calculator for Chemistry is...

After careful consideration, our team concludes that the best scientific calculator in Chemistry is the Texas Instruments TI-30xs! This device packs advanced features that are helpful when dealing with Chemistry and Engineering courses. Its functionality is so versatile that even high school students can maximize its usage. 

Whether you’re in high school or college, the Texas Instruments TI-30xs is one of the best scientific calculators that can help you ace your classes!

Our #1 Recommendation
Texas Instruments TI-30xs

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

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