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While textbooks are great supplemental resources, what better way to teach a student how Chemical bonds work than by giving them an organic Chemistry model kit to play with? 

After researching, testing, and building each kit, our team came up with a list of the best organic Chemistry model kits for students to enjoy!

OLD NOBBY Organic Chemistry Model Kit
LINKTOR Chemistry Molecular Model Kit
Molymod MMS-008 Organic Chemistry Molecular Model

1. OLD NOBBY Organic Chemistry Model Kit

Why We Chose It: 

Old Nobby offers a molecular model kit to help kids and college students with easy Chemistry learning. Beginners and advanced university students who are taking Organic Chemistry can use this kit.


Unique Features: 

  • It offers different features which make everything easy to understand, including its bonus learning guide and 3D color-coded bonds.
  • You may assemble and disassemble the atom parts easily.
  • Just like the kits on Dalton labs, Old Nobby can help enhance your intellect when studying organic Chemistry, inorganic Chemistry, and functional groups.

2. LINKTOR Chemistry Molecular Model Kit

Why We Chose It: 

LINKTOR is a 3D organic chemistry molecular model kit that lets you see the chemical structure, molecular bonds, and bond angle in any direction. This molecular kit can accommodate grade school up to graduate students.

Unique Features: 

  • This model kit has 132 atoms, 158 bonds, and 150 parts of Carbon. 
  • It features molecular geometry and molecular structures through its 3D feature.
  • It follows the universal standard that makes it convenient and easy to use.

3. Molymod MMS-008 Organic Chemistry Molecular Model

Why We Chose It: 

This molecular model kit is for you if you are searching for a low-priced kit that can help provide a deeper understanding of complex structures and concepts in organic chemistry. The best thing is, its price range is almost the same as the other kits on this list!

Unique Features: 

  • The size of atom parts is 17mm to 23mm in diameter. 
  • It provides numerous atomic pieces representing different elements in the periodic table, including Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen, among others.
  • It comes with 50 atoms, a plastic box, and a compartment for storage.

4. Chemistry Molecular Model Kit

Why We Chose It: 

This Chemistry molecular model kit contains 444pcs. of materials for aspiring scientists, which is more than the number of materials from the kits in Dalton Labs. If the quantity is what you’re after, then this might be an ideal kit for you!

Unique Features: 

  • It has long and flexible bonds that can suit both double and triple bonds. 
  • The materials are eco-friendly and easy to use. 
  • There are also color-coded atoms, so you can quickly identify the appropriate atom connectors to use.

5. Brisk Learner Organic & Inorganic Chemistry Molecular Model Kit

Why We Chose It: 

This is one of the molecular model kits that offer high-quality materials to help enhance students’ learning experiences while studying chemistry. Priced almost the same as kits from Duluth labs, Brisk Learner may help students learn organic and inorganic chemistry lessons better and faster.

Unique Features: 

  • It contains 3D atoms that are color-coded and fits the universal standards in building complex molecular structures to help make your student an atomic architect!
  • The molecule kit comes with 240 balls and sticks that represent the 12 elements. It also has a basic guide to assist you in using them.

6. Organic Chemistry Model Kit

Why We Chose It: 

This one is appropriate for your organic chemistry class. Using this kit is an essential tool that can help catch your students’ interest in learning the lessons in Chemistry. 

Unique Features: 

  • The kit contains 126 atoms, 30 electron p and pi orbitals, 150 molecular bonds, and one bond-disassemble tool.
  • It has an extra orbital model kit for those taking advanced Chemistry. 
  • They offer high-quality materials, including stable atoms and plastic linking bonds that ensure the longevity of everything inside the kit.

7. LearnOn Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Kit Set

Why We Chose It: 

This organic chemistry model kit offers numerous atomic materials for students to understand chemical equations and properties, thereby helping them to learn chemistry more profoundly. 

Unique Features: 

  • It has 50 color-coded atom pieces and 90 links. 
  • The kit comes with an 8-page instructional guide.
  • It can help students get familiarized with the different organic compounds.
  • A link removal tool is provided to help users disassemble the materials easily.

8. Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling Introductory Set

Why We Chose It: 

Happy Atoms offers an introductory molecular model kit to help students in their journey to explore Chemistry. It can also help them analyze the molecule they formed using an application to download on their smartphones. 

Unique Features: 

  • The application will tell the information about the molecule they created after scanning it.
  • This model kit comes with a scanning mat, 17 atoms models, including Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Sodium, and Chlorine.
  • They also provide a plastic box and magnetic atoms that are durable enough to hold them.

Our Runners-Up

1. Swpeet 200 Pcs Molecular Model Kit for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

Why We Chose It: 

It is one of the molecular model kits that can entice students’ interest in general Chemistry. Teachers and parents can use this kit to help their children understand multiple molecules and chemical reactions through the basic modeling materials included.

Unique Features: 

  • The model kit comes with 200 pieces of building models representing different periodic table elements, including Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulfur, Phosphorus, Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, and Iodine.
  • It has a small plastic box for storage and a link removal tool to help in disassembling quickly.
  • Materials are non-hazardous.

2. University Chemistry Co. Molecular Model Kit for Organic & Inorganic Chemistry

Why We Chose It: 

This molecular model kit can cater to all students in your classroom because of the number of atomic pieces used to form structures and cyclic compounds. If you’re after the number of pieces on a kit, then this one might be a good option for you!

Unique Features: 

  • Expect materials that you can quickly assemble and disassemble.
  • The modeling kit contains 115 atomic pieces composed of 8 elements. The kit also comes with 18 lone pair paddles in three colors.
  • You can find 140 flexible links and atom sticks with medium length and are space-filling.

How To Choose the Ideal Chemistry Kit

How To Choose the Ideal Chemistry Kit

Who’ll Use It? 

Teachers and students can use the organic chemistry kits mentioned above to help them teach and understand university Chemistry better [1]. The kits are also composed of numerous atomic materials that can help in building structure and forming molecules.

Each molecular model kit mentioned is helpful because it can help provide molecular visions for people who have a hard time understanding concepts in Chemistry. The physical materials can help explain how the molecular structure works, supplementing what they read in their books.

Students taking a mini organic chem course will surely need these molecular model kits to help enhance learning, whether in class or at home.

Is It Portable & Convenient?

A Chemistry molecular model kit should be both portable and convenient. The companies producing molecular model kit structures create a compartment for additional storage to put all the materials together.

The best molecular model kits also come with a container made from non-hazardous materials. 

What is the Number of Pieces?

The number of pieces in every organic chemistry kit usually varies. Some offer 150 up to 400 pieces of atoms and other numbers for electrons, atom’s sticks, and links used to create a molecular structure.

The manufacturers of the best molecular model kit always consider the number of atoms representing the elements. This number sometimes depends on what topic in chemistry you will teach or study. 

Having enough atom representatives is also essential for making accurate compounds and understanding a chemical reaction better.

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Are There Special Features?

The best molecular model kits always have special features, and every manufacturer offers unique features that you may want to consider before making a purchase. Some offer color-coded plastic atoms that follow national standards for easy identification. 

Aside from that, there is also a molecular model kit that provides a 3D view of the materials. It helps users to see the structure they made from different angles. It is an advantage because seeing unique perspectives can help students provide better observations.

Are There Special Features?

There is also a molecular model kit that utilizes an application that you can download online. All you have to do is scan the structure, and detailed information will be provided.

How Effective Is It?

Using a molecule model kit is effective in helping students excel in university Chemistry. Each Chemistry model kit mentioned above can help the students grasp complex concepts and better understand the subject.

Aside from that, the students can learn and have fun at the same time simply by forming atomic compounds and molecular structures [2]. This makes the learning more effective and can serve as supplemental resources to textbooks, videos, and informational materials online. 

What’s the Price?

The price of a chemistry model kit sometimes ranges from around $20 to $60. This depends on the materials used and the number of atoms included which represents the various elements. The compartments, links, and sticks are also considered when pricing the kits.

A molecular model kit is affordable, and you can expect them to be both sturdy and durable. Teachers and students can easily afford them, which can be used to either learn or make teaching Chemistry easier!


Yes, organic chemistry model kits are necessary to learning because they can make studying the essential concepts in Chemistry easier and faster. These kits also serve as a visual representation of what students can learn in books, videos, and other supplemental resources for a more realistic understanding and learning process.

Yes, children should use organic chemistry model kits to understand how the actual atomic bonds work. These kits can help organic chemistry students to understand even the most complicated chemistry concepts.

The kits contain atom pieces and a connector to help them visualize molecules and how atoms stick together. Let kids construct their kits and watch them become an Atomic Architect!

And Our Choice for The Top Organic Chemistry Model Kit is…

After our team’s careful deliberation, we have decided that the best organic chemistry model kit is the OLD NOBBY Organic Chemistry Model Kit! Aside from its affordable price, we can’t deny its durability and quality.

It is an excellent organic chemistry kit as it offers 239 pieces, including atoms, double and triple bonds, and an instructional guide to help you understand how to use them. This best organic chemistry model kit also provides molecular visions and helps students build structure and explore biology models, spatial orientation, and electron orbitals.

Our #1 Recommendation
OLD NOBBY Organic Chemistry Model Kit

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

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